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Free Digital Jury Image Evaluations

Hire me to prepare your images for digital jurying

Jury Slide Photography

Fixing Jury Images

What I'm offering
I open your image in Photoshop on my calibrated system to check accuracy of color, including color space tag. Non sRGB tagged images look innaccurate to the jury. I can discuss having a uniform presentation and how well your images work together. I can also suggest better ways to photograph your work if I think it's appropriate.
How to send me your images
I will only evaluate original ZAPP size images e-mailed to me or mailed on CD. I cannot make evaluations on images in your ZAPP profiles because they are not the original full size images that have been uploaded. Do not go to your ZAPP profile, copy the images and send them to me. They are not the original images and may not have color information embedded in them.
Before e-mailing me your images, rename them using your last name and image number. For example: "berman-01.jpg", "berman-02.jpg", etc.
You can also use my new image upload form instead of e-mail

Please include your phone number in the first e-mail
you can also mail me a CD of images to the address below

Call me first if you have any questions 412-401-8100

I will not be a juror and critique your art
just the digital images of your art
and I will not reply if you don't include a phone number

Hire me to prepare your images for any of the digital jury systems

My dual monitor computer system consists of a 21" Sony Artisan monitor which was the most color accurate CRT monitor available. Everything I see on my monitor is exactly how it projects.
images submitted for evaluation may be used as examples in my seminars, but with no identification
If you feel the evaluation has been helpful
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