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How to compare two images side by side

One of the questions I'm asked most often is how can an artist compare two images in their ZAPP profile in side by side windows. The answer is to use the right click options in your browser. All browsers (including MAC browsers) offer a right click menu that includes "open in a new window." Basically, you right click on a thumbnail (illustration #1) specifying to open in a new window. Then drag the edges of the window containing the larger 700 pixel square image (illustration #2) and move it to one side. Then right click on the second image, open in a new window (illustration #3) and move it to the other side so you can see both images side by side. Windows that are not open full can be dragged from the top.
Fortunately, Microsoft has never been able to open new Internet Explorer windows full screen which makes this an easy process. If the image window opens full screen, click on the two overlapping boxes in the upper right corner to shrink the window so you can get to the thumbnail list underneath. If you're having trouble getting both picture windows to come to the front, click on the task bar to select them. The task bar is the bottom bar on your computer monitor. It has a box for every program and window currently open on your computer.
You're now looking at two images and comparing them visually. To tell which image is newer and has been uploaded more recently, right click on each image and choose properties where you'll be able to read the image name, which will be a number. The higher number has been uploaded more recently and the smaller number is the older image. You may have to move the cursor in the properties box to see the end of the name which is the number (*/12345.jpg for example) I'm referring to. Another thing you can do is right click on the images and save them to your hard drive to compare in an image editing program. But remember, you're not looking at the full size images that have been uploaded. You're only seeing smaller versions (700 vs. 1920 pixels square). The full size images are kept off line and not available through a browser.

right click to open in a new window
Illustration #1

zapp enlarged image
Illustration #2

ZAPP image comparison
Illustration #3

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